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The South Bank Show Originals, Tuesday, 22.30, Sky Arts

Since 2000 there’s only actually been one additional episode per week of both Emmerdale and ‘stEnders, and two of Corrie, although it seems there’s been about ten million more, for which we can probably blame ITV’s piss-poor scheduling which leads to a right traffic jam of them some nights. And if you’re doing hour-long episodes and double bills every week, what do you when you want to suggest an episode is really special? It’s probably the case that we’re not in a golden age of soap, but about thirty years ago, before it imploded, Brookside was certainly one of the greatest examples of the genre, generally ground-breaking and packed with superb writing, not least as Jimmy McGovern was providing many of the scripts. He’s still bringing politics into primetime via many acclaimed dramas and here he is talking to Melvyn while making, er, one of them.

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