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Supermarket Sweep, Tuesday, 20.00, ITV2

We forgot to mention this last week but a quiet day’s telly gives us the opportunity to alight on the latest game show revival, this time under the auspices of Rylan Clark-Neal who seems a thoroughly likeable and quick-witted chap, is apparently a lovely bloke in real life and has been quick to pay tribute to Dale on the promotional trail for this show. It’s not a show we’ve ever had any great love for, to be honest, but seemingly they’ve done a pretty good job of it and it’s a bit of idle fun, though it’s an hour long and on five nights a week and we can’t imagine anyone liking it enough to commit to that, and that does appear to be the case with the ratings tumbling over the course of the first week. Still, worth, ahem, checking one out as a novelty.

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