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Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie, Sunday, 07.00, BBC Radio 6 Music

After a bit of a scare a year or so ago, we’re delighted Mark Radcliffe appears to be back fighting fit and, as well as publishing another well-received book, today’s programme is a pleasingly self-indulgent celebration of Scrawn’s forty years in radio. Initially that was as a producer, for numerous Peel sessions and Radio 1’s coverage of Live Aid, and then as Head of Music at Piccadilly Radio, which seems bizarre given the current incarnation of that station but it was a different era of commercial radio at the time, and where on at least one occasion he saved Chris Evans from the sack. But it’s his time in front of the mike that’s of most interest – not least as he’s the only DJ we’ve ever heard, on numerous occasions, sneeze on the air – on the old Radio 5, the Graveyard Shift, the spectacular failure of the breakfast show, High Tea and Tosspots and his current gig alongside his mate Stu, so it should all be great fun. Not sure if we’ll get that time he accidentally said “fuck” on daytime Radio 1, mind.

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