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Coca-Cola vs Pepsi: Cola Wars, Monday, 21.00, Channel 5

24 hours after this channel gave us Aldi vs Lidl: Supermarket Wars and McDonalds vs Burger King: Burger Wars, here’s the next in their seemingly endless attempts to pointlessly find out the best in various arbitrary categories, which of course we would never do. Hem hem. Anyway, this one’s supposed to be new, but who knows with this channel? On this side of the Atlantic we never had the dubious pleasure of New Coke, so it’s been pretty one-sided, we think, and we’re sad to report that for all the ethical worries, we are pretty regular consumers of Coke and always turn our nose up when only the other one’s on offer, although we do keep meaning to buy Pepsi Throwback from the world food aisle one day as the packaging looks really cool.

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