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“Dance ladies, that’s it, ooh, I like it, I like the movement, it’s nice”

At long last, Reggie Bosanquet’s venture into the world of disco makes it onto the blog.

It’s an extraordinary aural creation, notable for many things, among them:

a) the fact it seems that no fewer than three people were involved in its composition; was the salient line of the first chorus, “Dance do-up, ooh-up, ooh-wee”, a group effort?

b) the charmingly off-hand sentiment of the second verse: “You’re in a pub, a cafe, a club/Then move on cos you’ve had enough” – arguably a damn sight more down-to-earth than “and you go home/and you cry/and you want to die”.

c) Reggie’s keen appreciation of sounds of the street: “Like reggae, soul, funk and punk/Bop around, lose all your junk”.

d) The will-this-do backing. It’s not even at proper speed, sounding instead like the sort of comedy approximation of late 70s dance music you’d get in an episode of George And Mildred where they mistakenly turned up at a discotheque instead of a whist drive.

e) Reg’s bucolic abandonment of all airs and graces during the fade-out: “I feel rather splendid at pleasant…I can move so many parts at one time”.

Altogether now: Dance ladies, that’s it, ooh, I like it, I like the movement, it’s nice…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jason

    August 11, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    That is incredible. Nothing could be more of its time.

    Whatever happened to the novelty record? Are people still even bothering with the things anymore?

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