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2018 in memoriam

Doreen Keogh
(5/2/16-31/12/17), first Rovers Return barmaid Concepta Riley and Mrs Doyle’s mainland friend Mrs Dineen

Denise LaSalle (16/7/39-8/1/18), soul singer and one hit wonder

Fast Eddie Clarke (5/10/50-10/1/18), Motorhead guitarist

Bella Emberg (16/9/37-12/1/18), serial comedy sidekick best known as Russ Abbot’s Blunderwoman

Cyrille Regis (9/2/58–14/1/18), West Bromwich Albion and England striker

Dolores O’Riordan (6/9/71-15/1/18), The Cranberries singer

Peter Wyngarde (23/8/27-15/1/18), Jason King

Howard Lew Lewis (21/8/41-20/1/18), Brush Strokes, Chemsford 123 and Maid Marian And Her Merry Men

Mark E Smith (5/3/57-24/1/18), The Fall singer

Hannah Hauxwell (1/8/26–30/1/18), Yorkshire hill farmer and regular documentary subject

Eddie Amoo (5/5/44-23/2/18), The Real Thing singer

Peter Miles (29/8/28-26/2/18), Blake’s 7, Z-Cars and Nyder in Genesis Of The Daleks

Carmel McSharry (18/8/26-4/3/18), star of Beryl’s Lot, Carol’s mother in the Liver Birds, Alf’s landlady turned partner in In Sickness And In Health

Ken Dodd (8/11/27-11/3/18)

Claudia Fontaine (28/6/60-13/3/18), singer with the vocal group and regular backing singers Afrodiziak

Jim Bowen (20/8/37-14/3/18)

Katie Boyle (29/5/26-20/3/18), TV personality, Eurovision Song Contest icon and TV Times agony aunt

Bill Maynard (8/10/28-30/3/18), The Gaffer, Selwyn Froggitt and Greengrass

Ray Wilkins (14/9/56-4/4/18), England midfielder and co-voice of the Tango adverts

Eric Bristow (25/4/57-5/4/18), five time darts world champion

Bob Bura (25/9/24-7/4/18), co-animator of the Trumptonshire trilogy

Neil Shand (3/3/34-14/4/18), writer for Frost, Monkhouse, Milligan, Everett, Yarwood, Carrott and The Two Ronnies
ALSO John Bluthal (12/8/29-15/11/18), Frank Pickle from Dibley, endless TV and film credits including right hand man on Q

Dale Winton (22/5/55-18/4/18)

Margot Kidder (17/10/48-13/5/18), Lois Lane

Glynn Edwards (2/2/3-23/5/18), Dave from the Winchester Club

Cornelia Francis (7/4/41-28/5/18), Morag from Home And Away

Leslie Grantham (30/4/47-15/6/18)

Steve Ditko (2/11/27-29/6/18) and Stan Lee (28/12/22-12/11/18), creators of Spider-man and plenty else between them

Peter Firmin (11/12/28-1/7/18), co-creator of Bagpuss, the Clangers and the Smallfilms works, designer of Basil Brush

Alan Longmuir (20/6/48-2/7/18), Bay City Rollers bassist

Clive King (24/4/24-10/7/18), Stig Of The Dump author

Peter Blake (8/12/48-21/7/18), Kirk St Moritz from Dear John and Pepsi salesman

Alastair Yates (24/9/52-26/7/18), BBC, Anglia and Sky news anchor, former BBC Midlands continuity

Bernard Hepton (19/10/25-27/7/18), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley’s People, Colditz, I Claudius, Six Wives Of Henry VIII

Ian “Sludge” Lees (?/44-30/7/18), club comedian and Tiswas regular guest

Martin Worth (?/11/26-?/7/18), writer for the original Poldark, Dr Finlay’s Casebook, The Onedin Line, The Survivors and Doomwatch

Barry Chuckle (24/4/44-5/8/18)

Aretha Franklin (25/3/42-16/8/18)

Jacqueline Pearce (20/12/43-3/9/18), Servalan

Burt Reynolds (11/2/36-6/9/18)

Liz Fraser (14/8/30-6/9/18), comedy actress who did four Carry Ons

John Tovey (19/5/33-8/9/18), celebrity chef

Fenella Fielding (17/11/27-11/9/18), vampish actress and Carry On Screaming icon

Zienia Merton (11/12/45-14/9/18), Sandra Benes from Space: 1999

Dudley Sutton (6/4/33-15/9/18), Tinker from Lovejoy

Denis Norden (6/2/22-19/9/18)

John Cunliffe (16/6/33-20/9/18), creator of Postman Pat and Rosie And Jim

Chas Hodges (28/12/43-22/9/18), partner of Dave

Ernest Maxin (22/8/23-27/9/18), Morecambe & Wise producer, also worked with Dave Allen and the Black & White Minstrels

Geoffrey Hayes (13/3/42-1/10/18), Rainbow housekeeper

Carlos Ezquerra (12/11/47-1/10/18), co-creator of Judge Dredd

Ray Galton (17/7/30-5/10/18), half of the Galton & Simpson sitcom writing duo

Peter Brackley (13/6/51-14/10/18), football commentator

Andrew Burt (23/5/45-16/11/18), Emmerdale Farm’s original Jack Sugden, lead in The Legend of King Arthur, voice of ITN

George A Cooper (7/3/25-16/11/18), Mr Griffiths from Grange Hill, Willie Piggott in Coronation Street

Al James (13/1/46-16/11/18), Showaddywaddy bassist

Richard Baker (15/6/25-17/11/18), BBC TV’s first newsreader

Ricky Jay (26/6/46-24/11/18), regular TV guest card trick magician

Peter Armitage (26/1/40-30/11/18), Bill Webster from Coronation Street

Pete Shelley (17/4/55-6/12/18), Buzzcocks singer

Penny Marshall (15/10/43-17/12/18), Laverne from Laverne & Shirley turned film director (Awakenings, Big, A League of Their Own)

Wendy Beckett (25/2/30-26/12/18), religious sister and art historian

June Whitfield (11/11/25-29/12/18)



  1. THX 1139

    January 2, 2019 at 12:22 am

    Andrew Burt was on Stepping Stones too, though I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember him in it.

  2. Glenn Aylett

    January 6, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    All of the original line up of Motorhead are dead now, this must be a grim first for a British band. A shame as Motorhead reinvented metal for the post punk era by ditching huge guitar solos and concept albums and concentrating on fast guitar playing and shorter songs.

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