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“And what a great cover…”

We’ll be the judge of that, Gill. The Christmas Radio Times isn’t something that should need calling attention to, least of all by its editor on the very first page. It should speak for itself.

So let’s see what it has to say. On Christmas Day at 1.05pm on BBC1 there’s a seasonal edition of The Two Ronnies “from 1997”. Hmm, might have missed that at the time, don’t really remember it…maybe it was a special show of some kind. Oh, but it says “with guest David Essex”. Can’t remember much about ‘A Winter’s Tale 97’. Was Kate “I invented Candle In The Wind 97” Thornton involved?

On New Year’s Eve there’s a one-off drama on ITV at 9pm starring Martin Clunes “as strait-laced museum curator Ian Jones”. A quick look at the cast list within the same billing reveals that Clunes is playing ‘Ian Bennet’. Then there’s the bit elsewhere when someone describes The Krypton Factor with the phrase, “if John Major had designed light entertainment, this is how it would have looked.” That’s the same Krypton Factor with an assault course that, in Gordon’s words, “demanded respect” and which had Steve Coogan and Tony Slattery doing spot-the-difference playlets. 

Anyway, clearly it’s worth rushing out that “LEGENDARY CHRISTMAS ISSUE!” a few days earlier than usual if it means not picking up on every single typo and error and lazy journalistic cliche. Here are a few examples of the Christmas Radio Times when it had a properly ‘great cover’. Some TV Cream figgy pudding for whoever can identify the correct years:













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