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Cream over Britain

The TV Cream Commemorative Royal Wedding Airship o’er Liverpool!


Dey do dat down der do don't dey?Our airship has now docked safely in Liverpool having set off from Carlisle at around 8am (bloater of a night out, there – thanks Derek Batey!). If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ll know we’ve had an eventful day over these British Isles.

Lots of you think you’ve seen our colourful yellow and red TV Cream Royal Commemorative Airship in the skies over your town, and you’ve already been sending in your ‘sightings’. A selection of them are reproduced below. Click on each to see them at full size. And keep ’em coming, everyone, on

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Probably that, actually.

Mark of Mark's Place says he saw us over a carvery in the Midlands.

On top of the morning?

Mike Morris, asks if we have THREE airships flying in tandem. The answer is no.

Let us ENLIGHTEN you

Starsk says: "I spotted you in the Borders!" Not you didn't, Starsk.

Anyway, here’s today’s ‘audio mini-report’.


You can also download it from here.

Remember, all of this is in aid of our TV Cream’s Right Royal Scene podcast, which will go online on Friday. Should be our crowning glory!

Tomorrow we’ve got the Midlands and North Wales in our sights. Until then…


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