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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 15

We’re almost halfway through our special summer competition. Time certainly seems to be stealing away, and in the spirit of undignified light-fingering it is perhaps fitting that the person who is to present today’s clue is none other than alleged gag larcenist Keith Chegwin.

Now the last time the news headlines were obsessed with jokes being nicked was back when Bob Monkhouse’s joke books were stolen, a gross act that resonates in another fashion with these recent tales about Cheggers, seeing as how Keith used to pinch apples from Bob’s garden. 1957 was when we think this took place, though it might have been a bit later – two minutes to eight, perhaps.

Anyway enough of that, for here with the grid reference of the next square you’ll need to cross off your Puzzle Trail map is Saturday Superstore Delivery Boy Cheggers.


Or rather, his likeness, for we fear that even a vague representation of Keith being funny might be purloined by the man himself and passed off as original humour.

And if there’s one thing you’ll never find on TV Cream, it’s that. Vague representations, we mean.

Instead, take a look at this photo, displaying a vague representation of an episode of Cheggers Plays Pop.

Identify the year in which this was broadcast, then add up the individual digits of that year. You should get a two digit answer.

Combine the first digit of your answer with the first letter of the item Keith used to present on The Big Breakfast, and you’ve got today’s grid reference.

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