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NEIL PEARSON is a hard-done-by down-on-his-luck recently-made-doleite guy musician guy stuck for something to do but with long-suffering girl by his side. Until, that is, he finds salvation in a pyramid selling scheme dishing out cleaning-products and morale-boosting druggy foodstuffs. Instantly becomes a yuppie success, with girlfriend losing faith in “not the guy I fell in love with anymore” sort of a way. Culminates in weird multi-coloured tub climbing frame malarkeys with Pearson and HUGH LAURIE outwitting each other in a warehouse who-can-get-to-the-top-of-the-pile battle with Pearson winning the day, but ultimately doing a “Prisoner” and deciding that he’d rather be a nobody than king of an arseheap “upline”. Smashing organ drudge theme tune backing animated credits of cartoon people (see PIGEON STREET) going up an escalator and then falling off the top. Archetypal early C4 alternative-ness.

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