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Under the Mountain

KIDS’ DRAMABORE series set in either Australia or New Zealand, featuring a boy and girl who lived on a beach overlooking an island/mountain/volcano a short distance away. Nearby was a creepy family called the Horrobins who lived in a large Addams Family style Gothic mansion. To the rest of the world said family seemed spooky but harmless…however (inevitably) the meddling kids discovered the clan were, erm, aliens placed on earth in an advance-of-the-invasion recce. Best bit came when realisation dawned on the viewer that the slime on the island had been left by these transmogrifying creatures (big blue n’ purple blobs, highly scary) who did indeed actually live Under The Mountain and travelled at great speed back and forth from the island to the mainland by means of a maze of tunnels causing untold misery.

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  1. Rob Woolsey

    August 6, 2010 at 7:37 am

    The show was called “Under the Mountain”!

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