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OTT/Saturday Stayback

ADULT TISWAS, with chief Wasser CHRIS TARRANT in charge, unably assisted by BOB CAROLGEES, LENWORTH HENRY, JOHN GORMAN, HELEN ATKINSON WOOD (who wouldn’t?) and, for a bit, ALEXEI SAYLE. First incarnation was Central’s hugely-hyped opening gambit on network ITV; results soon stank the place out like a bucket of particularly ill-kempt custard egg tartlets. Big girls in small T-shirts were liberally soused in water, explosions went off, naked balloon dances went on, and the whole thing, being live, fucked up big time at least once a night, most infamously when “The Ratman”, a no-go sideshow act who stuffed live rats down his tights, let one of the buggers loose on air, and it ended up being booted across the studio unceremoniously. SATURDAY STAYBACK followed a year later and was little better, exhibits A and B being the involvement of TONY SLATTERY and PHIL COOL.

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  1. Glenn Aylett

    May 6, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    If you can catch a clip of the Human League performing on OTT, you can see the contempt Phil Oakey feels for being booked on to such a show. Actually I do vaguely recall it from my mid teens, found the references to women’s bodies and sex quite amusing as you would at that age, and for all the critics loathed OTT and the IBA were apopletic at the show, seemingly 7 million tuned in, not bad for a late night show.

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