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Nice Time

EARLY COMEDY sketch kaboodle for KENNY EVERETT, JONATHAN “CANDID CAMERA” ROUTH, SANDRA GOUGH and a young, zany GERMAINE “FEMALE EUNUCH” GREER, all making up a semi-improvised PLAY AWAY-esque miscellany of whimsy and fluff. Notable for being Ev’s first-time contribution to telly. “I feel venturesome today,” said Kenny, “I fancy a quest.” “Count me in, Little Scouse”, said Germaine airily. “What for?” grunted Jonathan. “For… for… the nicest thing in the world!” “Cheese apples!” whistled Germaine. “Don’t worry, Golly,” said Kenny, “shove your culottes on and we’ll be away.” Just then, Sandra the red-head bounced into view on a beach ball. “We’re off on a quest”, cried Golly. “Then why not go in my nice tram?” said Sandra. So they did.”

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