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ONCE MORE unto the whimsy for BERNARD CRIBBINS as the voice behind this late-period plasticine series from the HERBS/WOMBLES/PADDINGTON stable, based around one of the “lesser-known” dinosaur species. Baseball-capped Moschops was a bit of a “clever chops”, prone to Bagpussian brainwaves (“Moschops thought and thought, until he got that dizzy feeling that meant a special thought was coming to him”) and inventing all manner of anachronistic devices. As for the rest of the cast: best mate Ally Allosaurus was forever dodging “fierceness lessons” from intimidating Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex; waterbound Welsh fount of dubious wisdom Mr. Icthyosaurus sang the praises of Flower, the first ever flower (which twirled about making strange jingles and flutey noises of what mystical significance we can only guess); while fussy, apron-wearing Mrs. Kerry (“footprints all over my nice clan sand!”) and Alzheimer’s-afflicted Grandpa Diplodocus completed the weird inter-species brood. All utilised a strange shivering motion in the opening credits. Less knockabout and more downbeat than the Wimbledon wisecrackers.

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