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WATCH WITH MOTHER segment similar in style to MARY, MUNGO AND MIDGE concerning self-same kid whose father ran a roadside transport cafe. Sadly Joe’s behaviour left a lot to desired, including throwing mud at an ice cream van. What on earth posessed him?

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  1. Jute

    January 26, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Actually Joe didn’t throw mud at an ice cream van at all. Joe lived in a transport cafe and the ice cream van was in the car park, along with a lot of lorries and trucks. It was a rainy day, but preschool kid Joe was playing outside in his raincoat, wellies and southwester. Joe “drew pictures” on the outside of the ice cream van with his muddy hands. Later he helped to clean the mud off the van and the ice cream man was so pleased that he rewarded Joe with an ice cream cone.

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