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JIM “CAMERON” DAVIDSON is still Jim London, whose Cockney tosserdom from UP THE ELEPHANT AND ROUND THE CASTLE dropped a bearable notch in this other-half-live spin-off, set in a businessman’s stately home with London hired as live-in chauffeur after mogul GEORGE “THE SUPER” SEWELL loses his driving licence. Two focal points for Davidson – an unrequited flirtation with prodigal daughter “Miss” Sarah (“James is a chauffeur with a difference!”), and a battle of wits with snobbish butler Henry, played by HARRY “TOTTERING” TOWB. Script avoided pandering to Davidsonisms and as such it was of a decent standard, with London becoming more perceptive and right-thinking in his plusher surroundings, though four series was too many, especially when half the supporting cast of servants (including SHERRIE “THE ANSWER’S YES, CURLY!” HEWSON as the cook) were ditched in a plotline of the boss going bust. A fifth run would have been made but for Davidson’s defection to the BBC for snooker-related reasons.

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