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POST-MAGPIE BUBBLE-PERMED Leo Sayeralike MICK ROBERTSON found himself fronting this Friday evening activity magazine, which professed to have “something for everyone” – from active kids (absailing, BMXing, adventure holidays etc.) to stay-at-homes (drawing in the margins of a telephone directory.) Suffered from same flaw as WHY DON’T YOU: presentation encouraged you to switch over, bored, rather than stick around and learn something interesting. Around this time Micky recorded a solo album of self-penned songs, notably “Then I Change Hands”, a song about masturbation. If anyone has a copy, mail us now! And then burn it.

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  1. Paul Rooney

    January 30, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    The thing I remember about this show is that activities were rated by the “thumbs up” grade of scale, 1-5. Which I never quite got because Micky would say something like “Hey. Abseiling down that building was great. I’ll give that activity 4 thumbs up”. Yeah, but unless you are descended from royalty, Michael, it’s probably the case you’ve only got 2 thumbs to give.

    Yes, I was a pedant and didn’t have many friends at school.

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