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Flumps, The

"Mum! There's a gypsy on the telly again!"HOMELY BROOD OF northern-accented pompoms with limbs and varying forms of headgear get up to various garden/housebound adventures, usually resolved in pithy song or fable. Father (woolly hat, tache); Mother (headscarf, rolling pin); Grandad (knotted hanky, glasses); Posy (bow); Perkin (again with the hat); and the tiny, adenoidal Pootle (bobble hat), who was deemed “too small” to have roller skates like Posy and Perkin, so Dad made him a trolley to put his things in. Titles involved whole clan peeping over wall and wiggling fingers in a bizarre manner to jolly ooompah trumpet theme. Songs (sung by mother from a big songbook) included “Balloons” and “Wheels Turning Round”. Also on hand: the Flumpet (knackered-looking trumpet/tuba-type thing) and the Flumpcycle (“Looks like the whole family’s on wheels today!”)

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