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TOOK TURNS with FAX (see above) to plug gap between end of children’s programmes and the news until Erinsborough beckoned. A format first tried out in Northern Ireland, here was ex-Miss United Kingdom DEBBIE GREENWOOD (replacing the original Louise Bachelor) living up to her uselessly archaic title by blanding over as host of an interschools general knowledge quiz. “Highlights” included Duran Duran (or rather, by that time, Duranduran) hidden behind a “spinning golden disc” (CDs, see? New technology! “How exciting!”) and a brief section in which they played Konami’s vintage Hypersports (including “a rather complicated spring and vault”), showcasing ace new digital tech again. Later games included the monumentally rubbish Paperboy and some skateboarding effort. Plus there was Eugene, the programme’s very own ‘Microcomputer’. Just before the first question, Debbie Greenwood would always ask Eugene if he/it was ready. “Eugene Ready” would then appear at the bottom of the screen. Such a waste of high technology – all Eugene ever did was keep score.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Richard Davies

    October 24, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    Eugene was used for the hangman-ish “guess a word one letter at a time” game.

    I remember one season’s champions played 4 members of the current Grange Hill cast.

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