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Fireball XL5

RICKETY ANDERSON Supermarionation saga charting the rather too whimsical adventures of Captain Steve Zodiac, Doctor Venus, “comedy” mad scientist Matt Matic, irritating Robbie the Robot (“On our way ‘ome!”) and the completely and utterly irritating freak monkey thing The Lazoon (“Howdyyyy fooooolkssss!”). Titular rocket always took off on a kind of ski-ramp over a cliff, forcing the senseless wastage of a huge trolley flung over the side each time.

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  1. Czytt

    August 9, 2012 at 8:28 am

    The mad scientist was Prof. Matthew Matic (which lets you see the joke), and the Lazoon was called Zoony, who strongly resembled a maths teacher I had.

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