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Fall Guy, The

HE WAS, as he kept telling us, the unknown stuntman, who makes Eastwood look so fine. He was also a bounty-hunter in his spare time, whence came his action-packed adventures. Films like The Stuntman and Hooper loomed large in the background. LEE MAJORS was Colt Seavers, who’d never spent much time in school, but he’d taught ladies plenty. It’s true he hired his body out for pay… He’d been on fire with Sally Field, blown up for Raquel Welsh, but somehow they just didn’t end up with him. In fact, though he’d been on fire in the movies and TV, the hardest thing he ever did was watch his leading ladies with some other guy while he was bandaging his knee. A sort of “unsung hero/loner” theme developing here… He might jump an open drawbridge, he might roll a brand new car, but he’s the unknown stuntman who made Redford such a star.



  1. paulus

    May 22, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    I managed to get an iron on ‘Fall guy’ logo patch for the back of my BMX jacket.
    Unfortunately it has been lost to time and ever changing fashion.
    He had a REAL truck, you know, with big balloony tyres and at least 2 FEET off the ground. It looked just like my mate Tamiya model…
    Lee majors… where is he now?
    It’s crash-tastic

  2. IanW1968

    November 26, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    One of the longest opening title sequences/theme songs ever

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