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Face the Music

REDOUBTABLE CROTCHET’N’QUAVER quizzery, called to order by the unflappable JOSEPH COOPER and populated with JOYCE GRENFELL, ROBIN RAY, RICHARD BAKER and numerous visiting players. Unashamedly difficult and obscure, with endless diversions into pompous anecdotage (“You know, I’ll never forget Toscanini’s remark upon concluding a rehearsal of Mahler’s Songs Of The Earth…”) and back-slappery (“An answer a brisk and brusque as your recent sparkling rendition of Beethoven’s Eroica!”). Best bit was always when Joseph would turn to his “silent piano”, a specially-adapted keyboard upon which he would play famous tunes but from which came no noise. Panellists had to guess the piece of music by the movement of his fingers alone – a preposterous challenge which, even more preposterously, teams often got right. One time Joseph cut loose and started miming playing an invisible lute, much to contestant PATRICK MOORE’s wild-eyed bemusement.

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