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IMPOSSIBLE TO DISLIKE monochrome-gridded semantic chicanery helmed by first by BARRY CRYER (in mid-black, mid-white hair phase) then the great TOM O’CONNOR. Each one of two members of the Great British Public (“His hobbies are trout fishing and… wait for it… crosswords!”) would play alongside either COLIN BAKER or JENNY HANLEY and answer fiendishly worded “Daily Mail Tea Break Quickie”-type clues. “Underwater banana swims backwards to Turkey, perhaps?” In practice, most clues wouldn’t have taxed an above averagely Mensa-rated type (“The king is dead wood – about 12 inches”) and sometimes the solutions themselves would be clues to another, prize winning, key word. If the pleb spotted the link after the first clue was solved, they won a telephone or a weekend in a foot spa, that sort of thing. Harmless fluff, expertly shepherded along by our hosts.

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