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SUPERLATIVE RECREATION of famed Nazi uber-jail and repeated attempts by do-or-die inmates to pull ultimate fast one on ruthless guards. Banged up together (which in hindsight was asking for trouble) were: DAVID “MAN FROM…” MCCALLUM, EDWARD “DR. WATSON MK. II” HARDWICKE, ROBERT “TOKEN YANK” WAGNER, CHRISTOPHER “SECRET ARMY” NEAME and JACK “ESCAPE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN” HEDLEY. Chief key-jangler was, of course, BERNARD “GOOD NAZI” HEPTON, ably supported by ANTHONY “BAD NAZI” VALENTINE. Each week’s episode began with the group gathered in hushed circle seated on packing cases/crates devising another “ingenious” ruse to exit dank slimy castle walls for good. Each week they failed. Many highpoints, including attempt by one inmate to escape by faking madness, only to end up properly and incurably insane. Series concluded with Germans taking flight ahead of advancing Allied liberating armies.

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