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CB Bears, The

YET ANOTHER pot pourri effort from Messrs William and Joe, this time starring bears in trucks with, well, CB. Opening was called “Blast Off Buzzard” chronicling the pointless, and voiceless, adventures of er, a buzzard in the desert, trying to catch a worm called Crazylegs (not related to Crazylegs Crane, thankfully). Next came “The Robonic Stooges” (see entry). Third and last were the bears themselves, who sat about in a dustbin lorry and, well, had adventures. Names were Boogie, Hustle and Bump, one of whom had curly blonde hair and wore a bin lid on his head. Main point of note was that the theme tune was the same as that at the end of CAPTAIN CAVEMAN and quite possibly loads of other H-B affairs. The lazy swines.

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