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Brothers MacGregor, The

ABSOLUTE POLAR opposite of BREAD, i.e. how to do a Scousecom that’s actually funny. Titular siblings are caucasian Cyril (PHILIP “CATO” WHITCHURCH) and half-caste Wesley (PAUL “I HAVE NOT GOT A DISEASE!” BARBER) who have the same mother and run decrepit car dealership Rathbone Motors. Cyril earns extra pennies through being the world’s worst club singer; Wesley tries to make extra cash through scams and deals which always fail. ‘Mam’ was the sublime JEAN HEYWOOD, whose fantasist monologues of Prince Philip once being her bus conductor/postman/Rington’s delivery man were often the highlight. JACKIE DOWNEY played Cyril’s punkette bird Glenys, whom he refused to marry even though they’d been engaged for six years. “It’s too long, Cyril!” Great fun at times, with a nice rapport between Whitchurch and Barber which should have been given more time to develop. Slow woodwind theme over credits of the two shoving a knackered Cortina into the yard. Characters – though different actors – first showed up in an episode of CORONATION STREET featuring Eddie Yeats’s engagement party in 1982.

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