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Brideshead Revisited

POSH TOFFS of the 1920s fancy themselves, then fancy a teddy bear, then fancy a bit, then fancy each other, then don’t, then fancy roughing up the Germans, then fancy themselves again. All in the sumptuous sprawling grounds of Castle Howard, Yorkshire, erstwhile domain of the kimono-wearing gigolo-procuring then-BBC Chairman George Howard. JEREMY IRONS and ANTHONY ANDREWS were the nobs, and indeed knobs, gavorting “gaily” around LAURENCE OLIVIER, JOHN GIELGUD, DIANA QUICK, CLAIRE BLOOM, SIMON JONES, STEPHEN MOORE, KENNETH CRANHAM and Compo. Cost a fortune but was so well received it meant ITV didn’t have to make another glossy period drama ever. Apart from THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN.

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