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ONCE-UNSTOPPABLE weekly topical revue that started off as a genteel sideways look at the week’s news in front of a studio audience, but with time, and diminishing budget, and virtual invention of the Revolving Door personnel model, mutated into the Associates-heralded pre-recorded Thatcher-baiting sketch format behemoth that launched the careers of a thousand people who probably never liked being reminded of the fact: step forth Douglas Adams, John Lloyd, Armando Iannucci, Tracey Ullman, Harry Hill, David Baddiel, Stewart Lee, David Jason, Steve Punt, Richard Herring, Rob Newman, Alistair McGowan, Al Murray, and innumerably more besides. Heavy on sketches transplanting ‘The Tories’ into the plot of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, invariably concluding with ‘Tomorrow’s Satire’ one-liner-heavy spoof bulletin Next Week’s News, and that never-ending list of writing credits that ensured Alan Rankine retained a healthy bank balance.

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