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The My Music team gather around the old 'dummy joanna' for a right old knees-up, doubtless occasioning a Nordern quip about 'Knees Up Classroom Assistant Brown' or somethingCONCURRENT companion piece panel shows both making heavy use of Frank Muir and Dennis Norden. The former mined humour from participants’ failure to recognise popular musical numbers and to exercise any control over their own vocal chords, while the latter did much the same for their command of grammar and ability to make words rhyme; all in all, a bit like a two-part highbrow version of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue without all the double entendres (though you could never tell with Muir and Norden). My Music chiefly of note, however, for pioneering use of insane rounds in which popular tunes were ‘played’ on a variety of non-instruments, most notoriously tapped out on an amplified cigarette case and flagged up on a piece of paper in order of notes going ‘U’ and ‘D’.

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