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Creamguide (Films) Commentaries: Flash Gordon

Flash, Flash we love you, but we only have 1 hour 45 minutes and eight seconds to wax lyrical about this stupendous cinematic offering.  From Ever Decreasing Circle’s Howard’s pervy relationship with Princess Aura, to the realisation that Brian Blessed doesn’t actually SHOUT “Gordon’s Alive!”, this audio presentation is the first of a double-double bill.  We are in gratitude to the estimable Jonathan Wilkins who has hand picked both this and our next commentary offering (that’s the first double). What’s more – this is the first in our dualogy of films soundtracked by the archetypal music-isn’t-just-for-you-c**ts band, the mighty, mighty Queen.

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  1. George White

    April 17, 2017 at 10:21 am

    My mum constantly gets confused with Von Sydow and Lee Van Cleef, so if Leone had got it cast, maybe she saw the alt-universe version.

    Watched the Undying Monster – the Mockbuster Wolf-Man. Very similar but not as good. At least it has a werewolf, unlike Cry of the Werewolf. Undersea Kingdom – watched it recently. Couldn’t get through. Seemed the same thing, kid sidekick, running about Lon Chaney.
    I never really watched serials. I watched the Flash Gordon serials on TG4. But rewatching them – they seem epic as a kid, but it’s all cardboard sets and bare lab sets in what is supposed to be this alien dimension. Flash ’80 looks like what you thought the 30s serial looked – but in colour. I always found that they were excessively padded with Lois Lane-ish journalists constantly interrupting and repetition.

    1. Pink Floyd were offered to do the soundtrack. FACT!
    2. It was all filmed in England. Dinocitta was closed as this point before it was reopened by Charles Band.
    3. Nic Roeg got pretty close too. Keith Carradine and Debbie Harry were supposed to play Ming and Aura, despite the former being younger.
    4. Dieselpunk.
    5. She was also in Manimal.
    6. Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers were Universal. Hence why the Buck Rogers TV show was also Universal. Zorro, Undersea Kingdom, Captain Marvel, Dr. Satan, King of the Rocket Men, Captain America – all Republic.
    7. He was in the Mallens, and you’ve seen him before in Lifeforce and The Wicker Man.
    8. It is. George Harris, also in the Harry Potter series as Kingsley Shacklesbolt, an early regular in Casualty and UK TV’s first black detective, Wolcott.
    9. According to Blessed, it was Wyngarde’s idea to wear the mask. The mask wasn’t scripted.
    10. They still film there time to time. Rome was shot there. Doctor Who then went over to use the same sets for “Fires of Pompeii”.
    11. Charles Middleton.
    12. Zorro’s Fighting Legion.
    13. Jeff King.
    14. He did, as “Commander Gordon”. Apparently, Jones wanted Crabbe in a cameo as his dad at the airport. Dino refused.
    15. Paul Weller has a cameo in Sherlock.
    16. Sam J. Jones was in the Spirit and Jane and the Lost City with Jasper Carrott. Alas, he was not in the Terror Beneath Loch Ness. That was Vernon “Wez from Mad Max II” Wells.
    17. John Anderson
    18. Leon Greene, he was in The Devil Rides Out, plus A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the forum, the Ritz, Royal Flash, Four Musketeers – lots of Dick Lester films, T-bag, Carry On At Your Convenience…
    19. Steven Pacey was in Blake’s 7, not Steven Payne.
    20. And the film next week is Highlandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

    Was it Allen Stewart as CU Jimmy?

  2. Richard16378

    April 17, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    One fun game to play while watching this is “been in Dr Who”.

  3. George White

    April 19, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Ted’s Kathy LeShay Berenson was in a film, the Immigrant with /Marshal Berensen, Alison Wachtler, Evan Nischan, Paul Kandarian, Tina Bell, my friend-friend JP Valenti, Josephine Moshiri Elwood, Noah Tully Sanderson and Geoffrey Van Wyck and Ellie Yorke, Bradley J Van Dussen, Aida “Scout” Vidan whose name accidentally came up when trying to correct IMDb that the Viva in Flash was not the Warhol superstar.
    Sneh is Sneh Gupta from Resurrection of the Daleks and Octopussy.

  4. George White

    April 20, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Adrian Sierkowski worked with Daniel Melcher (not the star ofd my friend Jessica Cameron’s friend Tucky Williams’ webseries Dagger Kiss), Abby Day (not the Aussie star od Loves Illusion) on short Inner Zen and on Where the Bears Are (which sounds like a film Chris’d enjoy), the Look and Dreadcentral’s Birth of Separation.
    Titanic’s Courteney Pace worked with Spielberg associate Stan Bly and the Mindy Project’s Brice Williams, Asylum’s Kim Little and Michael Otis

    I meant Britain, not England.
    And apparently Hallam is called Luro

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