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redgraveOur favourite member of the all-conquering Redgrave dynasty. Despite being born into the very top of the acting aristocracy, Lynn never quite fitted in. Hence she was perfect for Georgy Girl, a masterful study of swinging square-peggery, which just wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good if, as was originally intended, big sis Vanessa had taken the part. After that, ‘gawkily vivacious’ was the order of the day in such fare as Virgin Soldiers and The Happy Hooker, with lashings of more out-there fare, like moping round a Mississippi mansion with a wedding dress-wearing James Coburn in Last of the Mobile Hotshots, or her predatory fashion designer in top disaster spoof The Big Bus.

FINEST HOUR: Why, trashing the up-itself fag-end of Swinging London with Rita Tushingham in Smashing Time, of course!

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