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PRICE, Dennis

priceNo-one really knew quite what to do with Dennis Price, did they? The poshly sardonic one never fitted in at the House of Gainsborough, despite many an attempt to get him into melodramatic breeches. The famously disastrous The Bad Lord Byron, with Price as the poet being judged by some kind of celestial court martial, didn’t do him any favours, either. Even his desultory dotage cameos (shouting ‘Fire Ferrett!’ in Michael Rimmer, having a perverted school uniform fetish in Barry MacKenzie, even being dragged behind a galloping horse in Theatre of Blood) were better viewing. Fortunately enough people got him right in the end: his arms dealer in I’m All Right Jack, his car salesman in School for Scoundrels, and his beatnik in awe of Hancock’s Shapism in The Rebel all hit the sour spot.

FINEST HOUR: Well, there can only be one. ‘My memoirs!’ We don’t even have to ask for it by name, do we?

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