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angers‘The British Lucille Ball!’ Nah, she was better than that. You don’t have to be Morrissey to appreciate the former Tiller Girl and stand-up stooge’s masterly way with an oddball part. You name a sixties comedy of any merit, there she is – the folksy mum of Hayley Mills in The Family Way, a nutty tenant at David Hemmings’ dad’s guest house in Brighton-based rock ‘n’ roller Be My Guest and, of course, paired up with Marianne Stone as two eccentric lesbians in vampire oddity Devils of Darkness. Angers slotted in a blooming stage career as well, although she was, rather winningly, no fan of Shakespeare. ‘By the time you’ve started from the top of a line and got to the bottom of the page, you’ve forgotten what the gag was’.

FINEST HOUR: Scatty assistant to Raymond Huntley in peerless comedy The Green Man, at least before John Chandos does her in.

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