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Wild Rovers

Blake Edwards does a western – straight, and with a host of generic reliables on hand – William ‘Wild Bunch’ Holden, Ryan ‘Paper Moon’ O’Neal, Karl ‘Frisco’ Malden, Tom ‘Big Bad Mama’ Skerritt, Joe Don ‘Edge of Darkness’ Baker, Moses ‘Roots’ Gunn, Charles ‘Beast Must Die’ Gray and Jack Garner, James Garner’s brother, who got loads of walk-on parts in The Rockford Files at James’s behest, which had the possibly undesired effect of making it look like they couldn’t afford proper extras and the star was subbing at the last minute. Next time, Creamguide (films)’s Only Other Rockford Files Anecdote – how our childhood discovery that James’s surname was really Bumgarner spawned a week-long catchphrase frenzy that landed one of Creamguide’s schoolmates in hot water with the dinner ladies!

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