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From the writers of Splash and the director of Sesame Street: Follow That Bird! Lord have mercy. This is one more example of the sort of wacky screwball adventure caper thrown together all over the studios after the shock success of Romancing the Stone pulled the rug from under everyone’s feet. This particular shameless Xerox had the added ‘gimmick’ of hilarious psychic powers, to boot. Cyndi Lauper is a – cough – ‘Small Medium at Large’, all squeaky voice, Toyah hair and ‘Ohmigod’ popping eyeballs, who’s thrown together with gawky table-sniffing psychic Jeff Goldblum to form the perfect ‘oddball’ pair for Peter Falk to enlist in tracking down some long-lost South American mystic pyramid wherein reside awesome supernatural powers and lumpily-rotoscoped sub-Raiders visual effects. Yes there’s fast-talking but not actually funny dialogue by the yard, yes they finally get off with each other against the odds, yes Lauper sings the sig, no there’s no DeVito-esque swearing, and no, nobody really bothered going to see it. This didn’t stop David Puttnam later looking back on it with affection, though. The man’s an enigma, right enough.

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