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‘Potter plays – the hotter plays!’ Dennis’s second stab at the young-man-seduces-middle-aged-wife-of-trainspotter format after Schomoedipus, and his umpteenth stab at the young-man-drops-in-on-middle-aged-wife format in general, is jazzed up from its Play for Today roots with a bit more graphic violence and an even more ambiguous ending, thanks to Nic ‘I cast Mimi Rogers for her acting talents, honest’ Roeg. Here Gary Oldman takes over from Tim Curry as the visiting phantom lost son (or is he? etc.), Theresa Russell fills in for Her Off Of Robin Redbreast and Christopher Lloyd is the hapless Hornby obsessive in lieu of the bloke who did the umbrella-flogging street scam in that episode of Tales of the Unexpected.

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