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With glam films suddenly the thing at Odeons nationwide, the GTO label turned out this classic old school rock film, in which the young(er) Cliff or Acker Bilk wouldn’t look out of place. It’s a no-nonsense tale of two rival club owners, old fashioned Terry-Thomas and slightly more turned-on Billy Boyle, the latter enlisting Barry Humphries (with hideous greasy Richard III hair) to book some glam acts for his venue, among them Hello, Stephanie de Sykes and the immortal Fox, whose performance of Imagine Me, Imagine You (shame it wasn’t S-S-S-Single Bed) is the undoubted highlight.

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  1. Lee James Turnock

    May 24, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    This is 1975 as it really was, make no mistake. Dave Mount (Mud’s drummer) turned in a pretty good acting performance, the talented but charisma-free Rubettes do a storming number, Mac and Katie Kissoon do ‘Sugar Candy Kisses’, Stephanie De Sykes does ‘Born With A Smile On My Face’, the classic line “there’s something about girl’s necks that really turns me on”, massive close-ups of the Biba store and apparently Eric Idle’s in there somewhere too. And it was directed by Bruce ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ Beresford!

  2. Alan smith

    August 18, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    It’s obviously dated humour wise- but taking that into account; it’s a good enough film of it’s kind! Scores over sister film “Never Too Young To Rock” by having an actal plot! Terry Thomas is fine by me-he really holds the film together! The Bubble car chase scene is very funny and the film actually portrays a wider variety of 70s `Glam Rock/pop` that NTYTR!

    Sadly, I found Billy Boyle rather poor-to me; he seemed not to have his mind on his work! Stephanie De sykes does well enough and sings her big 1974 hit “Born With A Smile on My Face” A pity that her fantastic follow up “Only Love” couldn’t have been included!

    The Rubettes sing their (In my opinion!) finest song “I Can Do It”, Kenny perform “Fancy Pants” and Hello give us “Bend Me,Shape Me” as well as a couple of other snippets of songs! There is a couple of minutes fim clip of Fox with “Imagine Me, Imagine You”.

    There are two slightly `out-of-place` (for this film) performances by Desmond Dekker with his six year old “Israelites” and current (Early 1975) top 3 hit “Sugar Candy Kisses” by Mac & Katy Kissoon. Both fine-but slightly out of synch with the mood of the film.

    Support performance by Barry Humphries who makes up a fine comedy partnership with T.Thomas. Sadly both Dave (Mud Drummer) Mount and Jennifer Guy obviusly not cut out for great acting careers to me- but a superb cameo by Frank Thornton as the odious police official `Crumb`. 70s comedian Joe baker also appears-but I found him not too great i’m afraid!

    Out on DVD and I heartily recommend it if you want a slice of mid 70s pop culture!

  3. George White

    September 4, 2016 at 9:59 am

    DVD Talk-reviewed horror ALexandra Westmore, Jessica Jordan, Skippy McGriff, Collin Stark and RObert Madero’s Camp Utopia features a Tulsa McLean, which may be Les Gray under his Elvis-inspired tribute name, so bung that in with Never Too Young to ROck to form a Mud-themed trilogy.

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