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Munsters’ Revenge, The

The inferior Addams Family, natch. Funny how for ages (i.e. the ’80s) Channel Four reran The Munsters almost endlessly, and the only Addams you could get was the occasional holiday outing of that odd cartoon where they drove their house around. Now, of course, it’s all Addams, Addams, Addams, and rightly so, so spare a thought for Gwynne, DeCarlo, Lewis et al. as they trudge through this cheap and grimy ’80s TV movie revival, with a rubbish wax museum “plot”. Colour does Fred’s make-up no favours.

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  1. Richard Freeman

    April 12, 2014 at 12:55 am

    The Munsters was way slicker than the Addams Family. All the characters were better and they had Spotty the Dragon.

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