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Marriage on the Rocks

A sixties Sinatrum from the ‘well, that’s that, then’ post-Oscar freewheeling period, falling steadily, moderate or poor. Deborah Kerr and The Chairman go on a second honeymoon to Mexico, argue, divorce, then decide to remarry, only Frank’s called away on business and – somehow – the wedding ceremony still takes place, but with Frank replaced by his best chum
(played, less than astonishingly, by Dean Martin in full-on undone-bow-tie mode). The vicar was talking in Spanish, you see. Or something. Granted, it’s a plot conceit Colin Bostock-Smith would have rejected for late-period Terry and June, but incidental pleasures are here in abundance – Cesar Romero as a dodgy Mexican divorce lawyer, Nancy Sinatra as, well, Nancy
Sinatra, Hermione ‘Unsinkable’ Baddeley, a blink-miss turn from DeForest Kelley, and the full-on, 360-degree-panorama, Thunderbirds base-style loucheness of Dino’s secretary-filled space age bachelor pad.

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