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Human Factor, The

One of those actors we love even though we’re never sure whether they’re actually being any good or not, Nicol ‘Seven Percent’ Williamson, stars as a straight laced minor British spy (married to Iman, no less) keeping an eye on his lefty colleague Derek Jacobi and an unpleasant South African diplomat in this Graham Greene adaptation with one of those casts we haven’t had for a while – Richard Attenborough, John Gielgud, Robert ‘bricks’ Morley, Richard ‘Slarti’ Vernon, Martin ‘Vogon captain’ Benson, Tony ‘Kinvig’ Haygarth, Ken ‘Ives’ Jones, Frank ‘your reverence’ Williams, Adrienne ‘Leisure Hive’ Corri, Tom ‘Rod Hull and Emu Sing a Christmas Song’ Chatto and – it’s good to be back – Marianne Stone.

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