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Horror Express

In this elegantly deranged effort, turn-of-century palaeontologists Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing take a fossilised ape man via train from Peking to Russia with terrifying, and immensely bloody, consequences when it comes alive and picks off the passengers one by one, gaining intelligence with every kill. All this and Telly Savalas too! Magnificent. Plus we’ve finally solved our “what was the other sub-Hammer ’70s Brit horror production company, after Amicus, Tigon and Tyburn?” conundrum, as this piece of madness comes courtesy of Benmar Productions, who were also responsible for ace zombie motorbike gang and Beryl Reid-fest Psychomania.

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  1. George White

    September 25, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Awesome fare, brilliantly fun – Savalas manages to steal it from the magnificent two. The same sets were used in Savalas spaghetti western Pancho Villa – where Savalas sings the theme in his typical “warbling Mekon” style.

    There are Four NIck Savalas – one in A&E/Dana Fares’ tv docs, the other Telly Savalas’ son – another worked on CNN docs, a short Chance of Showers with Rachel Boston of 500 Days of Summer

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