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Full Metal Jacket

Galoots, poultroons and lollygaggers harp on about Kubrick ‘discovering’ top turn and only decent thing in this film R Lee Ermey, when of course he’d been in loads before, and playing the same character, inevitably. He turned in a blinky-missy semi-role in Aloadofooldtoot Now, and was similarly the only decent thing in watery Cheryl Ladd Vietnam romance Purple Hearts, but the real deal was early doors ‘Namathon The Boys in Company C, which instigated the Ermey persona practically wholesale, but didn’t just hang the whole bleeding film off it. And they play football and everything! So in short, nice one Lee, and up yours, Stan. Oh, and don’t forget, wherein you can ‘Purchase the ‘XTRA SALTY’ Gunnery SGT R. Lee Ermey 12″ Motivational Figure and receive  FREE the Gunnery SGT. R. Lee Ermey Talking 7″ Motivational Bobblehead!’ That squeaky woman off of Poltergeist’s got a long way to go to beat that. Point of soundtrack order here – we all know that “Abigail Mead” was really Kubrick’s daughter Vivian, but whither the mysterious Nigel Goulding these days?

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  1. Richard16378

    May 18, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    No mention of the song mostly composed from sound bites from this.

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