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Fantastic Argoman

This demented costume romp combined spy and superhero in the form of Sir Reginald Hoover: suave, pipe-smoking criminologist ensconced in a secret Thunderbirds-style island retreat by day, banana-suited telekinetic freelance secret agent equipped with vintage wrestling moves and radioactive cigarettes by night. Sir Reg was enlisted by MI5 to stop the cat-suited, hovercraft-driving Jennabel, Queen of the World stealing the Muradoff A-4, a football-sized diamond with untold laser death-ray potential. (This is quite a silly film.)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. George White

    February 25, 2017 at 11:56 am

    Apart from the glorious Diabolik, this is better than its rival Italian spy-superhero-villain rivals, eg Kriminal – which uses comic strip frames and shows Piccadilly cinemas showing CAST A GIANT SHADOW! before cutting to an Italian house with a policeman plonked house before devolving into the typical Italian superhero mix of parties full of extras in silly outfits, before devolving into sub-Topkapi capers, done in a such boring manner, laboured shots of foreign places and lots of padding. A lot of them try to go Avengers-ish raised “oh, I’m a deliberate cartoon” even without dubbing, e.g. exagerrated facial movements eg the Fantomas movies. Diabolik does all this but does it well, somehow pulling it off, as does Argoman, by being so demented. Even the Italian Mexican wrestler knockoff Goldface devolves into the typical Italian spy knockoff, a rented helicopter, some badly staged fistfights, exposition, some cheesecake and invariably footage of London. Argoman has all this, but it feels jokier, grander, it looks to have abigger budget than it probably did, the dubbing by Lewis Ciannelli, son of regular Man from Uncle baddie Eduardo is rather fitting, all blustery Scotland Yard men and coquettish American girls.

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