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Earth Girls Are Easy

We still say the best thing Julien Temple ever did was his first short film, which did nothing more high-falutin’ than cobble together all the TV footage of the Sex Pistols in existence in 1977 onto one bit of celluloid. Never mind the Grundy, there was Siouxie on Nationwide! So It Goes! Derek Nimmo in McLaren’s bondage boutique! But here we are at Tony Garnett’s least finest hour (Attachments only lasted fifty minutes), with Goldblum and Carrey clad in DayGlo roomsize remnants in the sort of ‘ditzy Valley girl’ comedy which everyone was so glad to see the back of when the ’90s finally got up to steam, that they briefly forgave the subsequent rise of the ‘teen sex comedy’, until it was too late. More on that in our six-part BBC4 series Adam Sandler: a Warning from History. Of course, this film combines that hated ’80s filmic tendency with another one – that of ‘quirkily’ ‘revisiting’ ’50s sci-fi films in a ‘knowing’ ‘kitsch’ manner, with lots of spindly hot pink trimmings. But Geena Davis is quite clearly not Kate Pierson (nor, indeed, Fay Fife) so this sort of thing is officially Not Allowed. The B-52s are on the soundtrack, mind, for a mercy, as are, er, The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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