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Curse of the Pink Panther

Gawd. Now there are no more clips to raid, Edwards finds he has to think fast (the simpler option of just not bothering anymore seems beyond him). So, in comes Ted Wass – former Danny off of Soap, future Blossom’s dad off of Blossom – to do a bit of sub-Sellers schtick in lieu of the original lieu enforcer. It’s grim stuff, particularly the ponderous poolside inflatable duck routine with a not-getting-any-better David Niven. Lumley, Korman, Crosby, Stark, Smith and Porkins all return, bolstered by Robert Wagner, Leslie Ash, Michael Elphick, Hugh Fraser, and Roger Moore as a post-plastic surgery Clouseau. The Godawful ’90s Roberto Benigni-starring Son of… is enough to drive you screaming onto the streets, if you’re not there already.

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