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Crocodile Dundee

It must be a source of eternal embarrassment for staid Old Salopian Richard Ingrams that Private Eye, via Barry Humphries and Nick ‘John Major’s been walking a political tightrope this week’ Garland’s Adventures of Barry McKenzie strip, is pretty much directly responsible for the post-’70s strain of ‘ocker’ humour that runs from Leo Wanker, via this old chestnut, to that daft Crocodile Hunter bloke. Maybe he should swap the Coach and Horses for the Walkabout in Holborn.

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  1. Richard16378

    November 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    Michael “INXS” Hutchence invested a lot of money in this, thinking it would flop & he could write it off as a tax loss…..

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