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Confessions of a Driving Instructor

Third of the four-strong (‘strong’? Hmm) Askwithian series, with yer cheeky protagonist and old Noggit Booth using a rather unconvincing driving school ploy to fill the gaps between the comedy noise-punctuated ‘naughty’ set-pieces. Moment of near-wit: Irene ‘Fruitbat’ Handl, as Miss Slenderparts. The usual moose head-decorated family household with Sheila ‘Billy Dainty Esq’ White, Doris ‘Comrade Dad’ Hare, Bill ‘Froggit’ Maynard is there as usual, and that all-important jobbing cast runs thus – Windsor ‘trousers, and that is all’ Davies, Liz ‘Double Bunk’ Fraser, George ‘Pigeon’ Layton, Lynda ‘Preston’ Bellingham, Avril ‘Odd Man Out’ Angers, Ballard ‘Morning, Fawlty!’ Berkeley, Suzy ‘Benny Hill’ Mandel, John ‘Loose Ends’ Junkin, Geoffrey ‘Yates’ Hughes, Donald ‘Hot Mum’ Hewlett and Lewis ‘tortoise’ Collins.

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