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Black Knight, The

Little Alan Ladd plays an English blacksmith. Yes, get that Disbelief Suspension ready for overdrive as he dresses up as the Black Knight to protect King Arthur from baddies dressing themselves up as Vikings who are trying to usurp the king. With Peter ‘Biggles’ Cushing, Harry ‘Superman’ Andrews, Patrick ‘libellous accusations’ Troughton, Laurence ‘Argonauts’ Naismith and John ‘dooooomed’ Laurie.

Anyway, time for Ten Facts About Alan Ladd:

1) Alan Ladd – his dad was an accountant!
2) Alan Ladd – his middle name was Walbridge!
3) Alan Ladd – he was born in the same town as Bill Clinton, even
though Bill Clinton likes to pretend he was born in a different
town. But that’s not because of Alan Ladd!
4) Alan Ladd – he ran a hamburger stand called Tiny’s Patio!
5) Alan Ladd – one of his sons has produced an awful lot of shit
films in the last decade!
6) Alan Ladd – he started losing his hair towards the end of his
7) Alan Ladd – David Lean thought Peter O’Toole was better than him!
8) Alan Ladd – he was two inches shorter than Tom Cruise!
9) Alan Ladd – he’s in this film!
10) Alan Ladd – hope this helps!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. lump516

    January 3, 2011 at 3:30 am

    Still, Alan Ladd is no Tom Cruise, either. And that IS for the better.

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