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The fact Paddy McAloon is once again going through the wars thanks to illness is unwelcome news indeed. Aside from essaying numerous candidates for the greatest pop song ever written, he marshalled Prefab Sprout into producing one of the finest LPs of the entire 1990s – ‘Jordan: The Comeback’, released, for any Gambo-ites taking notes, mere weeks before that other decade-defining album, the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Behaviour’.

Here’s the band barnstorming their way through ‘Looking For Atlantis’, the lead single off ‘Jordan: The Comeback’, which flopped (inevitably) as did everything the group ever did after ‘The King Of Rock’n’Roll’. The clip wins bonus points for a) hailing from an edition of Wogan b) retaining Tel’s introduction c) Paddy’s dapper white suit d) Paddy’s dapper none-more-early-90s hair e) his other half Wendy looking lovely as ever and f) a tantalising snippet of Wogan going on to introduce “a remarkable writer of science…”.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Simon

    April 5, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    It should also be of note that Steve McQueen has been reissued this week with an additional disc of McAloon redoing eight tracks acoustically with Dolby back on production.

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