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Another post about Adam and Joe

You know that a bandwagon is really starting to roll when the likes of Gareth McLean haul themselves on board.

Typically, he makes precisely the wrong point. The pair aren’t unsung heroes at all; people have been singing their praises for over 10 years now. To be precise, what they are not, as some of those who have replied to McLean’s pontification make clear, are properly employed.

The 6 Music show is the best thing on the radio, but it’s a criminal underuse of their talents. The very first thing the next controller of BBC2 should do is sign them up for a weekly 30-minute series. Surely a move to Radio 2 can’t be far off as well?

Meantime here’s advance notice of transmission of Adam’s latest pilot, A Week With Adam Buxton, at 11pm on Thursday on Radio 4. Like MeeBOX it was made ages ago, and like MeeBOX no doubt it stupidly won’t be picked up and commissioned, despite the presence of numerous spoof songs and BaadDad.

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